Monday, March 19, 2012

Cool Peeps

Hey blog fam!!!  Yes it's me again and YES I'm blogging 2 times in less that a month.  I know you all are as shocked as I am.  Lol

As much as people get on my nerves at times, I really do enjoy meeting new people.  Not to say that I'm immediately inviting them into my circle of friends (the few that I have) but I do enjoy talking to people and hearing their stories.

A few months back when I first got licensed I had some flyers made and decided that I was going to do some door knocking in the neighborhood and do a little marketing.  Something happened where I wasn't able to print at home and I didn't feel like going ALL the way back to the office since I had JUST left there moments ago.  I opted for running to one of the Office stores near my home (that I so often confuse with one another) and make some copies so I could move ahead with my mission.  Lol

I'm waiting at the counter for my print job to finish and oddly enough they were having technical issues also.  I ended up spending about 45 minutes in there waiting.  Another woman happened to be also waiting to have flyers printed for a event for her business.  We started talking and found that our backgrounds were very similar and had tons in common.  She told me about her business that she was just getting up and running (A Counseling Center) and that she would like me to come to her grand opening that was happening a few weeks later.  I actually attended and had a fabulous time and met some great people and a few potential business contacts.  Networking is great.

We've actually communicated quite a bit since then and she is such a sweet woman that is actually evolving into a friend.  We've visited several times and it's funny because we end up chatting it up for hours.  Lol  All this to say, you can meet some really great people in the strangest of places and you never what affect those people may have on your life.

Ok....that's it for me.  It's Monday so I'm wishing you all a enjoyable week and I will be back at ya all soon.  Peace and Blessings!!!!