Sunday, April 15, 2012

My little guy and Nature...

I didn't really think much of it when my little guy bought home his library book earlier in the year and it was a book about weather.  I remember being pleased that he bought home something that was informative and educational and not the typical story or picture books 6 year olds usually want to check out from the library. When week after week books came home on storms, nature, and clouds and he would check out the same book weekly on Tornadoes I began to think.... "Hmm....someone is becoming increasing intrigued by weather and nature."

My guy loves being outdoors and exploring and I love how he gets up close and personal with nature.  He loves exploring and investigating things that he finds when we're on walks.  The only thing he really has a problem with is bugs.  If we can overcome that...and if I can overcome MY fear of bugs, we'll be okay.  Lol

His fascination has turned into somewhat of an obsession.  He will spend hours on the computer and even uses my Ipad when we're in the car and all he wants to do is look up weather and specifically Tornadoes.  We've had a few tornado warnings lately and every time it starts raining or the wind gets a little loud he wants to run outside and investigate.  My baby even wakes up telling me about his dreams he's had about storms.  Is he going to grow up to be a storm chaser?  LOL

I want to cultivate his desire to learn more about nature but at the same time I don't want him to be so obsessed.  A friend suggested getting him a weather radio, which I think would be such a great B-day present.  I've never looked into them and have no clue how expensive they are or if there are even sturdy kid friendly ones, so it's time to do some research.  I do LOVE that he's taken an interest in something that is NOT your common kid activities.  He such a cool kid!!  Lol