Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sleepy Head

We’ve noticed for some time now that when ever we wake Little One he is less than pleased.  If he doesn’t wake up on his own he is NOT a happy camper.  When I get him ready for school in the morning he is typically cranky and fusses at me about every thing that I do; from brushing his hair to helping him with his clothes to asking him about breakfast.  Frustration is ALWAYS in his tone when he responds to my questions and he hits me with his classic anger face.  The face is SO cute and it takes everything in me to not laugh and kiss which I’m sure would just make him angrier.

The funny thing about him not being a morning person is 9 times out of 10 when it’s time for him to go to bed he protests.  There used to be crying but for the most part now he just goes after voicing his dissatisfaction.  Our response is always the same… “Baby, you know you’re going to be sleepy and cranky in the morning if you don’t get your rest.”

Fast forward to Monday morning.  He again has expressed to us that we are NOT letting him get enough rest.  Me and Hubby look at each other in disbelief.  This little person acting as if it’s OUR fault that he’s tired in the morning.  So the solution…we bump his bed time from 8:30 to 8:00.  Of course this brought tears, complaints and his best attempt at bargaining the first night.  He wakes the following morning with no crankiness;  a little groggy but with tons of silliness.  That’s a good sign.   That night at bed time he was asleep in just a few short minutes with his head buried under his pillow like an Ostrich (Hubby's words..Lol).

I’m thinking moving the bed time was a good idea.  We’ll have to continue to monitor it and see how it goes.  It’s just funny to me that he’s so little and has a preference about what time he wakes in the morning.  He’s so cute….I love that little guy.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Parent's Day

Today was Parent's Day at Little Ones school.  I always enjoy being able to go to school with him to see how he behaves at school.  I enjoy seeing how he participates in class, his interactions with peers and how well he comprehends instructions that are given to him.

I try to volunteer as often as possible at his school and when I'm there he always does really well.  Often he comes to me for help and I always reinforce that when at school his teachers are who he needs to go to for instructions or to solve problems there that he may be having.  I don't want to take authority away from the teacher and I tell him 'Just because Mommy is at school, doesn't mean that you don't listen or follow the teacher's instructions."  That being said.....

Including me there were 5 other parent's that attended Parent's Day.  All the parent's, myself included, sat in the rear of Mrs. Alba's class and observed while the kids went about their daily activities.  Little One did very well and performed his work as he normally does when I'm at school.  He was focused and excited to show me how he was able how to move through each station and do the assigned work.  Now we move on to his 2nd class and that's when we begin to have a little difficulty.  Hubby blogged about it in previous post today.

The kids began learning geometry (shapes) last week and today they began working with tangrams.  It was so adorable watching them recognize and call out the name of the shapes as the teacher, Mrs. Yamada, pointed to them.  So far they've learned Hexagon, Trapezoid and Rhombus.  If someone held up these shapes and asked ME to identify them I'd draw a COMPLETE blank.  Next they played a fun individual game where they took a Hexagon and used other shapes to MAKE or fill in the shape of the Hexagon.  He did really well and seeing his little mind work as he put the shapes together made me feel good.  For as distracted as he was during the instruction he more than made up for it doing his work.  Not that he's going to get a pass for his behavior, but I made sure to give him encouragement for his great work. 

Over all I was  very proud of my baby.  I love watching him work, especially when he doesn't know that I'm watching.  It's such a great feeling and warms my heart to see the concentration and excitement in my little guys eyes as he's learning.   He's such a big boy.  I love that little guy!!!!