Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Back in the day

This picture post was inspired by E in the E-d forum. These are my old school photos high school pics. I was so cute. LOl

I couldn't find a better pic of the school online, but it was two levels and had NO windows in the classrooms and we used to joke about our school being a prison. I actually think there were maybe one or two classes that had a window, but for the most part the school was dark and dreary. We had a skyway connecting one side of the building to the other side of the building. High school was OFF THE HOOK. I had SO much fun 11th and 12th grade and wouldn't change anything about high school for anything in the world.

It's funny cause I thought I was so cool and down to earth. I had a lot of friends but didn't have too many guys that seemed interested in me. Does wonders for a girls self esteem ya know. lol. I had a few crushes and talking to them and several people years after high school they told me I was part of the fine girl click, thought I was suck up and was afraid to talk to me. WHAT!!!! I mean I WAS cute, but dang. lol

My mom was super overprotective so I didn't get to do much outside of school. Thank goodness our house was just across the park (North Commons, which was the hangout spot for a hot minute) so I did get to go to basketball and football games and some of the dances. It's funny cause I had a friend that was my best friend in 11th grade and a friend that I have been friend that went to a rival school that I was best friends with since 7th grade. We're still the best of friends till this day and reminisce about high school days all the time. So much fun!!!!

This is the front of the school on 15th street. We had a big blue and white rock that was fairly close in proximity to this sign. It was called spirit rock and other schools would come and paint it their school colors. SUCKERS!!!

This was our school mascot . I have no idea why a polar bear was our mascot, cause I don't think their very scary. They are more cute and cuddly but..... It was our mascot nevertheless.

This is me in the start of 11th grade. I'm the one front and center of course. What an appropriate place for me. I don't even remember this pic being taken but I'm reppin my school with my little school sweater on. The two girls on my right side were best friends at the time. The one I scratched out tried to talk to this guy I was dating and I almost beat her YOU KNOW WHAT. Hence the reason her face is scratched out. The three of us had been inseparable from our freshman year until sometime during our junior year when all the drama went down. The other girl and I remained friends and since we shared the same last name used to tell everyone we were cousins.

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This is me again towards the end of 11th grade. I hated my hair in this pic and cried because this was shortly after my 1st hair cut. My mom (curse her) sent me to cost cutters to get my hair cut and styled. I was supposed to get a bob and the woman (who was white mind you) just wacked about a good 5 or 6 inches and that was it. I cried so bad and couldn't imagine what made my mom send me there instead of a REAL stylist.

And this is me in my Senior year. I remember everyone saying I looked like Jasmine Guy in this pic. I couldn't see it, but whatever. Our class thought we were so cool cause we were the first class to have color senior photos in the year book.

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