Saturday, December 4, 2010


Greetings Family!!!!

One holiday down, one to go...Well actually two if you celebrate New Years. I cant really pinpoint when my disdain for the holidays began. I do recall being in my late teens dreading Christmas the closer it got and everything that comes along with it...decorating, cooking, shopping, the crowds, the cold weather...Just not fun for me. I hate how busy things seem to get this time of year and I've never been excited about shopping, but as the holidays would draw nearer, having to deal with the over crowded stores and rude people has always put me in a less than pleasant mood. This year is no different. I do however enjoy getting together and spending time with the family which definitely makes it all a little more tolerable. I haven't even begun shopping, is that bad?

Not sure what to do about my school situation. I was supposed to be able to register on November 15th, but to my surprise my transcript hasn't even been evaluated yet. So I haven't the slightest idea what credits have transferred, what classes I should be taking and how much time I'll actually have left. I'm wondering if I'll even be able to start in January as I initially planned and if I am, I cant imagine what the selection of classes will be like once I'm able to actually register.

The husband and I had decided last week that we were going to do a full body detox which includes eating only raw foods for the next 21 days. We started this morning, although I'm not real excited about starting over the weekend. No time like the present right. Funny that the husband is doing it WITH me since I'm not really his favorite person right now, but that's a long that I don't really care to share, so....moving on. It was actually his idea to do the fast which surprised me since I just did one about a month or two ago.

So day one, today, this smoothie was my breakfast:

It was a mixture of Blackberries, raspberries, pineapple, almond milk and......banana. I'm pretty certain I've mentioned my..disgust for bananas in the past. I think it's more the texture than anything else, although the smell would literally make me NAUSEOUS and I would start to gag. I was surprised because I couldn't taste the banana very much and the smoothie was SO tasty. We have a smoothie/juice cook book that we bought I don't know how many years back a long with a million other cook books that we rarely use, and I cant wait to make the next one. Can you REALLY call it a cookbook when you're not cooking ANY of the ingredients? Hmmm, Funny! Away, the next one will be Pears, oranges and ginger. I used to not be a huge fan of ginger, but I've grown to LOVE it over the past few years. I still hate the salad at Benihana with the ginger dressing though. YUCK!!!

I found a new pedicure lady and I absolutely LOVE her. So I'm pretty certain on my old blog I've blogged, or rather complained, about my discontent with the nail salons in CO. I had one woman that did a decent job but when came time to actually polish my nails, I felt like a little kid was doing paint by numbers on my toes. Strangely enough if I would get a french pedi she did great. Then we moved and I didn't really like the idea of driving so far just to get my feet done, so I resorted to doing them myself. I do better than they do at the nail salon but since hurting my back, doing my feet has become a very LONG and painful process. Hubby convinced me a few weeks ago to try this place, and someone else recommended them and told me that they did a pretty good job. I was leery but I agreed and was very happy. The nail woman's name is Sally, which is funny to me since she's Asian. I know they don't ALL have names like Ling Ling and Mai Lee, but SALLY??? It's SO American, and she doesn't seem very Americanized at all. So today was my second time going and I was crossing my fingers and hoping the first time wasn't just a fluke but she did a fabulous job again. There is almost nothing better that finding a great nail tech, especially when they are so close to where I live. ALMOST!!!

Ok, Family...that's going to be about it for me. I know I'm the queen of novel type blog posts so I figured I'd give you all and your eyes a break for a change. Lol I'm going to try and see if I can muster up some holiday spirit so maybe my next post will be about reindeer games, mistletoe, all all things associated with the holidays but probably NOT. Lol

Peace and Blessings.........


Anonymous said...

Y'all 2 are gonna disappear keep eating... well not eating like that smh but if that's what makes y'all happy and you're insides are happy then good for you both & don't starve my nephew and niece with that healthy stuff... shout out to Brandyn Man for not falling prey to the "Dark side" lol

The Goddess said...

Ok, HOW DID I know that was you after reading the first sentence. Silly brother. Lol You and Brandyn can keep the "DARK SIDE" Lol