Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Let's give this a try again....

Hi All. 

It's been SO long since I've posted.  I always get revved up about posting regularly and something called life happens to interfere.  :)  I have great intentions when it comes to blogging because it's so fulfilling for me, but when it comes down to it, it takes a back seat to everything else going on in my life. 

School started for my little guy this past Thursday so we've been getting geared up for the school year.  While I LOVED homeschooling, when he was in Kindergarten, I'm loving being able to be involved with his school, building relationships with the teachers, the administration and the lives of some of the kiddies there.  Last year was a great school year and I'm looking forward to this school year. 

The Assistant Principal called me and wanted to talk with me about being a part of the Schools Accountability Committee and said they would love to have my voice.  What a huge compliment.  He, I and the Principal chatted about it a bit more on Back to school night and I'm looking forward to participating.  

I took on a part time job which has drained me physically, but I'm still doing my Real Estate, which I love.  (Don't forget to like me on FB. Smile) To say I've been busy is an understatement.  Lol  I recently sold my sellers home on June 29th, which ended up being a two part closing.  She was moving out of state so she closed on the 29th and the buyers closed the first week in July.

She had 20 years of history in her home; raised her children there, was raising a grandchild there and the home was filled with so many fond memories for them all. The process was very emotional for her and in the end, bittersweet. I was so happy to be a part of the process and share in her journey.

I'm meeting with a new client on Saturday to help in her search for a new home and am looking forward to being a part of that as well. 

The Parade of Homes started on the 9th, and while the idea of going the first day was exciting, it just wasn't realistic with everything going on.  There's that LIFE again interfering with my entertainment.

I LOVE homes...everything about them...from the older to the newer, to the new build...from the architecture to the landscape...I LOVE HOMES!!!  Whenever a new community pops up I make it my business to go and look at the model homes.  Sometimes I will go and preview homes that I find on MLS just because, although I haven't had much time for that lately.  I was pretty disappointed that I didn't make it out on the first day of the tour, but Hubby has agreed to accompany and go tour some of the homes tomorrow (my ME day) that are part of the tour, but have model homes open during the week.  EXCITEMENT!!!!!

Hubby and I are working on a project together as well.  We've decided to do Children's Books, with the first "Super Skin" being available within the next month.  Hooray!!   It's something that we've talked about for sometime and now it's coming to fruition.  I'm extremely excited and so is he. You can check us out and like us on FB and on Twitter to get more info on the book, learn about Amun designs (the business) and to get involved with us as we talk about children and education.  We are also working on a blog and have got the first post up, but working on the design before we go live.  Stay tuned for that.  :) 

I joined a group on FB called Bloggers Like Me thanks to the beautiful and talented Leslie from FASHOINdujourdaily.  It's inspired me to start blogging again.  I'm so looking forward to checking out everyone's blog that's apart of this group. 

I made a comment in the group about not knowing if I still knew how to blog anymore and got a great response from one of the members Monet.  She told me "get to living and writing."  This got me to thinking...and my hubby and I have been talking quite a bit about this lately... I'm SO focused on work, the real estate, kids and projects that we're working on that I'm missing out on LIVING life and doing some of the things that I find joy in.  Thanks Monet for reminding me again of something that is so very important.  I'm always taking care of everyone around me so much that I tend to neglect ME and that's got to stop.  Not the taking care of everyone of course, just the neglecting ME. 

So my first post.... after my hiatus is coming to a close.  See....this is what happens when I don't blog for ages... I get long winded.  :) Ok, I'm long winded anyway.... but hey, what can I say.  :)

Wishing everyone a beautiful and productive week and as always....Peace and Blessings.  


Purrfectly Me said...

Great start to writing again! I just launched my new blog after taking a year and a half hiatus!

Britton #BLMGirl

Karen said...

Congratulations on your blog revival! I can't wait to see what you have going on!

Marie Young said...

Welcome back! Looking forward to reading more posts!

EbonyCPrincess said...

Welcome to BLM and congrats on all the wonderful things you have going on!

Curls and Mo said...

Wow! Thank you for the shout out. :-) I think as women, it's in our nature to take care of everyone else and because we give so much there's usually very little left for ourselves. This weekend I got a manicure and a hot stone massage. I used a certificate my friend gave me for CHRISTMAS!!! It literally took 8 months for me to get around to it. And, the only reason I went was because it was my birthday treat to myself, spending time on me. Smh. I often have to remind myself that if I'm not 100% how can I give 100% to anyone else? Great first post-hiatus post!

The Goddess said...
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The Goddess said...

@Purrfectly me. Thanks Lady. Ok, so I'm not alone. You know exactly how I feel. I will definitely stop by to check out your new blog as well. Don't be a stranger because I plan on blogging AT LEAST once a week.

@Karen. Thank you. I'm hoping that I can STAY revived. Lol. I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment.

@Marie Young. It's been a long time coming. I really do enjoy blogging. Sometimes I really wish there were more hours in the day.

@ EbonyCPrincess. Thanks for the welcome. It's been fun and I enjoy the interaction within the blog. I'm hoping trying to get around to a lot of peoples blogs so get to know everyone. There's so many members, I'm sure it's going to take me some time. :)

Thanks @CurlsandMo. I was inspired by everyone in the group blogging and you definitely gave me that little push that I needed to get started. I was JUST talking to someone about a hot stone massage and how much I would LOVE to get one. Not to mention I'm in dire need of a good professional massage.

You're right, as women, many of us are so nurturing and tend to others and don't realize that we need the same attention paid to us occasionally. I definitely enjoyed blogging and had a WONDERFUL ME day today. I'm doing that more often. :)

Rhonda said...

What a great post. I feel the same as you when it comes to taking care of ME. I made a decision last year to finally make ME my main focus and correct some wrongs. It has been life changing. I will be vlogging about it real soon!! You're an awesome lady my friend! Keep writing and sharing!! XOXO

The Goddess said...

@Rhonda...Aww thanks chicky poo!!!! You're awesome to. You know I love ya girl. Me and Hubby were just talking about you today...but that's a convo we'll have to have in private. :)

I know we've had some similar struggles and I'm telling you, you don't even realize how encouraging and remarkable you are. I'll be watching for the vlog.