Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ok so I've moved from officially

It's not as if I blogged on a regular basis anyway. Face book has been too addicting and makes it so easy to neglect the blog. Lets see if things change now that this is my official new home.

Can I get some housewarming gifts people???

Peace and Blessings,

Still the Goddess Amira


Gina said...

Virtual hug from me!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to blogger!

Ladynay said...

You cut all your hair off! I like it! :-)

The Goddess said...

Thanks Gina Hugs back to you and your beautiful fam!!!!

@ Ladynay, Girl yes I did. Now that I have no hair why am I contemplating growing dreads? I go back and forth, I don't know what I want to do have the time. Guess that's my fickle nature. Lol. Hope you and Pooka are doing well.