Sunday, October 10, 2010

Beginning the process....

Hey all! Hope it's been a great weekend for everyone. It's been gloomy and chilly all weekend here, needless to say I haven't been pleased. I notice how my mood is seriously determined by what the weather is, at times. I'm not looking forward to winter and cant think of ONE TIME where I ever have. There is NOTHING about the season that I enjoy. BLAH!!!!

I've been, for so long, contemplating going back to school. I come up with a million and one reasons why the time isn't right or why it's not feasible and while I continue to talk myself out of it time continues to pass and I continue to have the same conversations with myself why I should or why I shouldn't. So since it's an idea that I can't let go of, and it's becoming more apparent to me that I'm NOT going to be able to work in the type of environment I want to work in, or even really work for myself, without furthering my education the decision has been made.

I looked into a few schools, got information on the programs I was interested in, had a few phone and email conversations and have begun the process to start school in the spring. Hooray!! So of course winter can come and go soon enough now. Lol. I filled out my Fafsa, which was probably a waste of time. Since Son wasn't eligible for any financial aid, I'm sure I won't be either, but it doesn't hurt to try. CO also has something called the Colorado Opportunity Fund which is a stipend that CO residents get that pay a portion of their tuition. I think the max is $500 per semester.....every little bit helps right. So I applied for that as well. I think really the only requirement for that is that you be a CO resident.

I'm pretty certain that I'm going to be starting from scratch since it's been so long since I've been in school. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that at least SOME of my credits will transfer, so we'll have to wait and see on that one. I guess what ever the case is, the bottom line is time is going to come, and time is going to go and for me to not make the best use of my time is crazy. 4 years from now I could be sitting in the same position weighing my options; but instead of doing that I've decided to put myself in the position where in 4 years, hopefully much less than that, I will be in a better position career wise.


Angela2BPecked said...

Good luck Gurl,I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

The Goddess said...

Thanks Angela! I'm keeping my fingers crossed too. Lol