Thursday, February 24, 2011

Good food and good customer service....what more can you ask for

So Hubby and I were out finishing up some shopping and errands this weekend.  I hate when we don't eat before leaving the house when we know we'll be out for awhile because it usually means we end up stopping eating something leaving me feeling a little icky and unsatisfied.  I can tell you I will refuse to eat Q'doba anymore for the next year.  We've eaten it so much in the last 3 or 4 months I don't think I can do it again without getting sick.

We found this place Garbonzo Mediterranean Grill online awhile back and decided to try it out today.  They have a variety of Vegan and Vegetarian foods.  We were both starving and figured...what the heck.  I'm usually leery of trying new places when I'm half starving because there's nothing worse than really wanting something to eat and then being disgusted when you get your food.  I gave in because it was RIGHT THERE and figured what the heck....

I love great customer service and was pleasantly surprised when as SOON as we walked in the door the guy at the counter greeted us and began telling us about all the vegan options.  He let us sample some of the vegan soups...which I know several places do...but usually I have to ask.  The fact that he offered was great.  The woman that was also at the counter taking orders was very friendly and accommodating.  LOVED HER!!!

It's funny because I was trying to decide what to put in my pita when I saw the picture of the falafel and thought to myself 'hmm...they don't look too appetizing'. The guy must have read my mind because he came with a bunch asking if we wanted to sample them. I tried them....the verdict....SO delicious!!!  They were so good that I ordered extra to bring home and eat.  Lol.   I ended up getting this spinach and rice soup and a Falafel pita with vegetable salad, hummus, lettuce,red cabbage and  a cilantro tahini dressing.  It was surprisingly good.

I have been on new recipe rampage lately so I'm definitely going to try to find a recipe and try my hand at making the falafel.  We have this HUGE soup recipe book that I've probably flipped though once in the 6 or so years we've had it.  I don't know why we buy all these cook books that rarely get used.  Anyway I found about 7 or 8 recipes and cant wait to try them out.  You know you all will be the first to see the pictures.  Lol

Anyway....that's it for me.  I'm heading to bed and tired as I am, I'm sure I'll be out in 2.2 seconds.  Lol  Everyone enjoy the week.....Peace and Blessings.

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