Sunday, February 20, 2011

Back to our regularly scheduled programming. Lol

So my last entry I had intended on posting my latest meal creation.  Ok...not really a creation since I didn't come up with the dish, but still.  It's interesting because I was doing school work with the little one and was trying to find an image of SOMETHING, I don't recall what and came across a food blog to my surprise.  I know what ever I was looking for it had absolutely nothing to do with food so I was shocked that I happened upon this particular recipe.  It was for this Curry Soup with Garlic Naan.  So again here I go with the of my many weaknesses.  We keep going back and forth over whether or not to get a bread maker because of our families love for bread and feel it'd be healthier if we made it ourselves.  Although I'm still not quite convinced because I could literally see myself making bread on a daily basis which would do NOTHING to keep off these unwanted pounds.

So, like I often do I added my own little spin on the recipe and will probably tweak it a little more next time I make it but here's how it turned out:

So it was Curry Soup from scratch mind you :) , Basmati Rice, Cinnamon squash (didn't like it) and Broccoli.  Again with the broccoli, I know.  Lol.  The Garlic Naan I bought from Whole Foods because I was too hungry lazy to make it from scratch.  I'm definitely going to give it a try next time because it didn't seem to complicated.  The soup was so delicious and everyone enjoyed it which, of course, made me happy.  I love making new foods especially when they turn out just about perfect the first go round.   The soup called for lemon grass and I think next time I'll have to use have the amount because it was just a tad bit too potent for me.  But still good nevertheless.

Well people...that's my food post for the day, I'm sure you all are surprised there was no salad right?  If anyone wants the recipe let me know and I'll be happy to get it to you.  In the meantime and as always....Peace and Blessings


Alyson said...

Ohhh the curry soup looks YUMMY. I love cooking with curry - you know my azz wants that recipe *chuckle* Yeah girlfriend, make your own bread - i do it all the time and DON'T have a bread maker. All the breads i make i just use my hands (and my stand mixer is in storage). I want to make some sprouted bread next.

The Goddess said...

@ Aly...Girl the soup was SOOO delicious. I cant find the exact recipe I used and am SOOOO mad. I thought I book marked it but I cant find it. This one looks really similar... You know I made substitutions though. Lol.

I still haven't decided on the bread maker. I feel like I will overindulge and end up weighing like 300 pounds. Lol. I've been trying to limit my bread consumption...but I haven't been real successful. Go figure. Lol

Anonymous said...

Can you make me a doggy bag? LOL YUMMY!

Anonymous said...

That soup recipe sounds yummy! Bread is a weakness of mine as well, so I have to avoid it 100%. I can't have just a little, so I keep myself on a tight leash and just have none. =(

The Goddess said...

@ Leslie, You're so cute. Lol I don't know about a doggy bag but whenever I make it out your way I'll make you and your family your own pot. :)

@ Mrstdj, See I need that kind of discipline. I was doing really well not eating bread and then something happened....I think I was greed. Lol.