Friday, February 18, 2011

I may need to change the title of my blog.....

I think the title of my blog should be All About Food since that's pretty much all I seem to write about these days...what do you guys think?  Lol  Before going into the food though...lets discuss a few other items shall we....

My daughter (13) wants to go hang out at the mall on Friday with her friends and go to the movies.  While I trust her to a certain extent (she is a teenager and they ARE prone to tell half truths) of these friends happen to be a boy so I'm not quite sure how I feel about this.  According to my daughter it will be her 2 other female friends and this boy.  WHY oh why am I having a hard time believing that ONE boy is going to hang out with 3 girls.  That's just a little unbelievable to me.  While I don't want to deprive her of having a good time and socializing with her friends I absolutely DO NOT approve of the whole dating thing at 13.  I'm not really sure how to handle the situation.  I don't want to chaperon or stalk them at the mall to make sure it's just kids hanging out but then I don't want to risk it being more than that and never know.  The woes of parenthood...I tell ya!  Oh joy!!!

I mentioned to you all awhile back about how happy I was with the nail salon (specifically the nail tech Tracy) that I had found.  I swear it seems like every time I find someone that does the perfect pedicure something happens where the move out of the country.  I kid you not.  So I called a few weeks ago to schedule an appointment with Tracy and low and behold....she's out of the country.  She's supposed to be back sometime in march so I'm wondering what do I do until then.  Hubby suggested trying someone else, which I did and while I was happy initially, two days later I was less than pleased when my polish started to chip.

When Tracy does my pedicure I can go two weeks and my feet look like I just got them done.  No exaggeration.  The new woman Sally did do a great job on my eyebrows though so that was a plus.  Lol  It's funny because when she was doing my feet she commented on my usually going to Tracy and how she's so good.  My response was 'Yes I love her and she always does a really great job.  I cant believe she's going to be gone until March!'  I'm wondering if she took that to mean I didn't think she wouldn't do as good a job.  Well she didn't and I don't have to tell you I'm seriously considering waiting until Tracy returns  to go back.  I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that Tracy doesn't decide to stay out of the country because if she does I promise you I will literally cry.  I mean BOO HOO cry.  Lol

My little one is convinced he wants a sibling.  He's been constantly asking about when he was a baby and "used to live in my tummy."  Lol  It's funny to me how kids always think they want a sibling until the new one actually arrives.  At that point its WAR and they realize the new baby isn't all it's cracked up to be.  Well I've got news for little Mr.  He is definitely the last little one around here.  The only babies around here will be if my Sister in laws have one which they both have expressed they have no interest in doing anytime soon.  UGH!!!    I've encouraged them numerous times to hurry up and have kids so I can get my baby fix but I have to say I'm glad that they are both obviously waiting until they find that right person and are married.  So I foresee no babies in my future or the little ones future.  SO SAD!!!  :(

I don't recall the art lesson because Hubby being the artist usually does art with the little one.  I think it had something to do with patterns, but my baby made the cutest little picture ever.  I love it so much I want to frame it and hang it on the wall.  Lol

I love the look on his little zebra's face...too cute.  My baby is shaping up to be quite the little artist and I love how he prides himself on taking his time and trying to get his pictures JUST RIGHT!  Love it.

Ok...I had some food to share with you all...and no there was no salad involved.  Lol  But because this is getting a little lengthy I think I'll save it for next time.  Don't you all love me for that?

Peace and Blessings!!!!

*EDIT* So when I initially typed this a few days ago I was concerned about the movie situation with girlie and was debating on whether or not to let her go.  Turns out it was just the 4 girls, so no parental woes outside of playing chauffeur.  Just got home and I am TIRED!!!  Yawn!  Yeay, Fun.  Lol  Happy Weekend All!!!!


Ladynay said...

You lucked out this time momma, but you know the "I'm hanging out with the girls" = I'm hanging out with the crush I don't want you to know about just yet event is coming! LOL

Pooka asked me for an older brother a few days ago! I forgot to blog about that! LOL! WT...

I am seriously thinking about the raw food thing...keep posting your salads and stuff. I am not complaining! :-)

The Goddess said...

@ Ladynay....I don't know if I lucked out or not. We happened to see on her FB page where she added she's in a relationship with some little boy. You know I about had a conniption. She claims it was just a joke..but I don't see how that could be taken in a joking way. Still trying not to kill her over that one. Next time I'll be the stalking momma lurking and peeping around corners. Lol I'm thinking there were little boys there and shes just not telling. UGH!!!

Pooka's at it too huh? I'm curious as to your'll definitely have to blog about that one.

Oh and girl I made the bomb caesar dressing. I got more salads coming AND I'm working on some new soups. YUMMY!!!!