Monday, March 7, 2011

Great Soup to Start the Week....

So today was definitely a good day for soup.  It was chilly and we even had a few snow flurries.  BRRR!!! Not what I want to see in March especially after having 50 and upper 60 degree weather.  Something says I shouldn't complain since it's been such a mild winter...but you all know how I feel about winter and anything below 70 degrees.   

I've been having some phone issues.  First about a week ago I took my otter box off of my iphone so I could connect it to the docking station. I never put it back on which because it was just a pain taking it off and on all the time....big mistake.  I dropped it on the concrete when I was getting out of the car and it shattered.  So I got a new phone and have had a few minor issues, but otherwise love it.  I had to take it in today because I was having a problem with the camera and they suggested just swapping the phone for a new one.  I did that and ended up losing some of my great food pictures from the soup I made today.  BOO!!!!  Still having issues with my contacts...but it's pretty minor...moving on.....

Todays soup was Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato.  Sooo good and pretty easy.  I had great pictures of my Roasted peppers and of the tomatoes after I peeled them and then chopped them but when I took my phone in I forgot to save the pictures on my computer.  So Sad!!!   I was going to show the whole little process of peeling the tomatoes but since I lost pictures we'll have to do that another time.  The most difficult part of making the soup was probably peeling the skin off the peppers and that wasn't even really difficult...just a little messy but that was pretty much it.

I strayed from the recipe in the book a tiny bit because it was JUST the Roasted Red Pepper, but I wanted Tomato also.  Of course I made my alterations and was very happy with the results.  The ingredients were the peppers, butter, onions, tomatoes, soy milk, vegetable broth, tomato paste, rosemary,  paprika and black pepper.  Pretty inexpensive meal right?  The only thing that needed to be purchased was the peppers and the tomatoes. With the tomatoes that I chose to add I also added fresh parsley when I sauteed the onions in the butter then also added basil for garnish.  I couldn't believe how good it turned out.  And of course the family enjoyed it which is usually what matters the most.

So now we have it.....Pictures:

Peppers and tomatoes simmering before being pureed ..

All ingredients pureed and simmering.  Just about done...

Ready to eat...and yes it's bread AGAIN!

Closer look at the soup.  YUM!

Several of the soup recipes I've found have come from this book...

 There's a lot of non vegan and non vegetarian soup recipes in this book but of course I make the substitutions and they come out great...with the exception of the chicken noodle soup....which I didn't get from this book anyway.

So there you have it...Tonights meal and I have to say I will NEVER buy store bought roasted red pepper soup again.  I think at the grocery store the brand we get is about four bucks and some change which is ridiculous when I can make it myself and have left overs for the next day for a few dollars more.

All right...have a good night people and I'll be back tomorrow with another great soup...I just hope it TURNS out great.  I've been pretty luck thus far.  Lol

Peace and Blessings!!!


brotherAmun said...

That was some great dang soup.

The Goddess said...

It really was, wasn't it? You know we'll be adding this one to our rotation.