Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I had to give in....

Today wont count as part of the 30 days...but Hubby had been really wanting this soup again and I just had to oblige.  I think out of all the soups I've made up to this point, this particular soup is one of our favorites...if not the favorite.  This was the soup that I made, that I kind of created and am not really sure what to call it other that DELICOUS!  Everyone has asked for this soup so  many times since I've made it...I cant even count.  And I have to admit I've almost broken down several times long before now because I've wanted it too.

I didn't write down the recipe so was a little nervous about making it again and had to cross my fingers and hope that it came out right.  Well, It came out right.  It didn't help that I prepared all the food and forgot to prepare the orzo to go into the soup. UGH!!!  So we had plates made and were all drooling at the mouth while we waited for that to finish so we could eat.  We just started with the bread and salad and then of course I was almost too full to eat...but greed kicked in because it was sooo good and wouldn't you know it?  I was able to eat after all.  Lol

I didn't take many pictures since I made this before.  It was almost better this time than the first time.  We ate hours ago but as I sit here typing and recalling how delicious it was I'm tempted to go grab another bowl.  Unfortunately it's almost 10 pm here so I'm going to try and have some sense of's not as if I'm hungry or anything.

Dinner is served

Almost ready to eat.  Darn orzo

So that's it people.  This last picture is from when it was made the first time.  I'm glad I conceded and made this for the family because it really is the best soup out of all of them.  I'll be back tomorrow with a new one so stay tuned.  

Peace and Blessings All!!!!


Aly Cat 121 said...

Nothing like some chicken noodle, even if it is "fake" chicken. *chuckle* The first and last time i made some chicken noodle soup, let's just say it came out more like a chicken noodle bake LOL - as there was NOTHING soup'ish about it.

The Goddess said...

@ must not have seen my chicken noodle fail. lol It doesn't go over well with the fake chicken. BLAH!!! Next time I just do Noodle soup minus the chicken.