Saturday, March 12, 2011

Leek and Thyme Soup...

I love potatoes and I love leeks so this soup, I felt was an excellent way for me to get two of the things I love in one meal.  I really REALLY struggled with adding mushrooms to this recipe since I love those as well.  There's something about the combination of leeks and mushrooms that's...I don't know.  Just so very tasty and I could probably eat that all day everyday.  So since I was trying to stick to the recipe I chose to saute mushrooms and put them on the side so I could see what the recipe was supposed to taste like.  Of course after I tasted it I added the mushrooms anyway.  Oh the woes of following a recipe to the letter!!!  I don't know why that's such a difficult thing for me to do.  Lol

So this recipe was fairly simple and only requires 7 ingredients, all are kitchen staples with the exception of the leeks, mushrooms and fresh thyme.  That is unless you're one of those people or families that keep potatoes on hand like we USED to.  I know that potatoes aren't the healthiest and I notice after I eat anything with them I tend to feel a little sluggish.  Actually down right tired.  I took a half hour nap shortly after eating dinner even though I'm still tired and wanted to sleep much longer.  After reading a book by the fabulous Leah Salmon  called The Ultimate You I began to be more conscious about how I felt after eating certain foods.  It's amazing how your body tells you what's good for you and what's not.  Potatoes taste SOOO delicious, fried, baked, mashed...yum!!!  But my body tells me differently.  Lol  I've been pretty good about not overindulging in them like I used to.  Now if I could just kick my bread and sugar habit I'll be good.  Ok...looks like I got sidetracked a tad bit...back to the point.

So the whole family loved the soup which, of course makes me feel good.  They even enjoyed the addition of the mushrooms as much as I did.  I also though the recipe was rather delicious and am sitting here thinking I would mind have more as I type.  I love creamy hearty type soups which is exactly what this soup is.  It's funny how much flavor leeks add to a recipe and what's funnier is that I had never cooked with a year ago....I didn't even know what they were.  Strange. This soup didn't take long to make.  It took about 20 minutes to chop up potatoes and leeks and maybe a little over and hour to cook.

Chopped leeks, thyme and butter

Chopped potatoes

Sauteed and water added 

Milk added to soup mixture

Sauteed mushrooms...I couldn't resist 

Fresh fruit.  Yum!

Finished meal

Soup close up 
The one thing I dislike is the way soy milk looks when you're cooking it.  I don't think it really blends quite right.  It may be that I need to reduce the heat so that it's not as hot before adding the milk.  I'm not quite sure.  It boils and just looks kind of weird, but it does absolutely nothing to the taste.  I think I'm in love with this soup.  Definitely one that will be added to our rotation of meals.  

So that's it back tomorrow with another

Peace and Blessings!!!!

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