Monday, March 14, 2011

Spinach and Rice soup with a twist....

Sunday ended up not being a soup night because after grocery shopping, running errands, cleaning house, doing daughters hair and tending to all the other motherly and wifely duties I was just too tired.  Sue me.  So we resume today for Spinach and Rice Soup.  

I had to alter the recipe because while grocery shopping I was unable to find any risotto that didn't have dairy products or meat products so I ended up using basmati rice instead.  So the recipe called for vegetable stock, risotto, onion, garlic, spinach, red chili peppers, salt and pepper.  The recipe was lacking a little.  When the soup was just about finished, it was just a little bland for me, and you know how I have difficulty not straying from the recipe.... It just lacked flavor and was definitely missing something.  So what do I do?  I ended up having some red curry and garlic simmer sauce that I bought from Target that I had been wanting to try so I added that to it with a little milk and cayenne pepper.  MUCH BETTER!!!!  It definitely spiced things up a bit.  So if you like bland the basic recipe will do fine, but thanks, I prefer flavor.

Cooked spinach

Basmati rice

Chili's, onion, garlic simmering in stock from spinach

Soup mixture simmering with milk and curry added :-)

Finished meal

So overall this recipe was ok...kind of blah but once I added my twist to it I have to say it was pretty great.  The family LOVED it, so here was a potential dinner EH that turned into a dinner WOW! I have to say I was pretty pleased with dinner and myself.  Hooray!!!!

I'm looking forward to tomorrows soup, so come back and see what's cooking in my kitchen.  :) 

Peace and Blessings!!!

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