Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday's soup of the day.....

It's funny because I typically think of soup as mainly a broth or some sort of base with one or two ingredients but the more I flip through this book I'm like I could make a complete meal in a bowl of soup.  Lol.

Tonights soup recipe, that I actually somewhat came up with on my own,  kind of reminds me of this seafood brodetto that I had at olive garden minus the scallops (eww, nasty) and the talapia.  I made an Arrabiata sauce and actually added a little Curry for more spice.  I ended up substituting the talapia for salmon because I couldn't find any talapia that looked edible to me fresh.

I ended up making two separate pots because Hubby doesn't and will NOT eat shrimp.  No biggie!  So like the olive garden recipe...I added the spinach, mushrooms and chopped carrots. I decided to add chopped red and green peppers and then orzo pasta.  Then of course we had the shrimp and salmon mixed in with the soup.

All I can say is OH MY GOODNESS!!!  Everyone kept saying how good it was.  I was very impressed with myself and how well it turned out.  I wish I could give you all a virtual taste because I guarantee you'd be amazed at how good it was.  My daughter actually said it tastes better that Olive Garden and Hubby commented that it needs to be on a restaurant menu.  Son #2 who rarely eats much of anything I cook because he's a beef eating, pork eating, meat eating person (UGH!!) actually liked the pot that had the shrimp in it.  He had nerve to suggest helping me out and eating all of it.  How kind of him.  Lol.  Yeah Right!!!  Lol.  If he liked it then it had to be good since he usually turns his nose up at anything that doesn't have "real meat" (his words) in it.  

So here's pictures of tonights soup (one pot meal) that I haven't come up with a name for.....

Prepared Salmon

Simmering Shrimp

Simmering Soup w/Salmon


Ready to eat

Soup w/Fish

Soup w/fish and shrimp

Of course we had bread and a basic salad.  I really need to find a substitute for bread.  I almost opted for fruit instead but... Oh well, we'll have fruit tomorrow.  We have Smoothies for breakfast just about everyday and with many meals so it's not like we're lacking fruit in our diet by any means.  

I didn't really pay attention to the time it actually took me start to finish to complete the meal, but I don't think I was too long.  A majority of my time I think was spent chopping veggies.  It wasn't too bad...I wasn't in there sweating and complaining....not that I would EVER admit to doing that.  *wink*

Recipe available upon request...although with this I didn't really do any measure and often don't unless I'm following a recipe to the letter.  I can tell you what I put in it and you'll have to just do it according to your taste.  So that's it for tonights soup...back tomorrow.  

Peace and Blessings!!!!


Anonymous said...

You are really kicking butt with your recipes lately! This one looks and sounds delish. I'm a sucka for anything with salmon in it. So yes, please send me your loose recipe if you don't mind. I think even my picky husband would eat this.

The Goddess said...

@ Mrstdj....It was SOOO good. I had the remainder today and it was even better. I know you and your hubby have an aversion to shrimp (lol) but I'll get you the recipe. I used Orzo in it but something tells me it'd even be tasty with rice in it. Yummy. Now I want some more. I'll be making this on again soon.