Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday's Soup

I planned on having leftovers from yesterday's great soup but then thought...I cant really do the same soup back to back so soon.  Gotta have variety right?  Plus it didn't help that Hubby said it was the best soup he's ever had in his life and had seconds and then later in the evening had more.  I had plans (which didn't quite pan out) on having some for lunch today much for left overs....but lets not dwell on the past and move on to today's soup shall we?  But it really was delicious!!!  Lol

Todays soup was a Tortilla Soup/Mexican Gumbo.  I actually got the idea from Q'doba and had been saying for some time that I would try to make it.  Today was the day.  My father in law (amazing cook by the way) makes a Chicken chili and before we gave up meat we used to LOVE it.  The Tortilla soup somewhat reminds me of his Chicken Chili but not anywhere near as good.  I should have used his recipe and left out the chicken.  That'll be one of my later recipes.

Soup simmerrng

Finished meal...told ya there would be fruit today

Topped with Vegan Cheese (Daiya)

The soup consisted of a vegetable/tomato base, black beans, green chili's, rice and corn.  It was seasoned with Chili powder, paprika, cumin, garlic, onion, oregano, cilantro salt and cayenne pepper.  Another easy one pot soup/meal.  I actually ended up adding a green chili sauce to it that I didn't particularly care for, but that's what I get for always trying to do something that's not called for in the recipe.  It was OK.  The family liked it and I would do it again...definitely without adding the green chili of course.

I'm not going to pretend I shucked corn, ground corn or soaked beans overnight.  I took the easy way out and did canned black beans and the corn that you steam in the bag.  I did cut up all the veggies (you know how I love that) and added fresh cilantro.  It was a long day and I didn't have the desire to spend hours in the kitchen so I did what would save me the most time.

We did fruit like I promised but I threw in the tortilla chips which is just as bad as doing bread.  Lol  I only ate a few... but they're really good.  Tostitos makes these really good Artisian tortilla chips...we had the black bean but they also have a fire roasted chipotle that I really love as well.

So that was it.  Nothing as great as yesterdays soup, which I didn't happen to have for lunch today but tomorrow I'll definitely be having it.  Lol.

Happy Humpday people!!!!  Enjoy the remainder of your week and Peace and Blessings.


Aly Cat 121 said...

That looks yummy. I hope you're writing all your recipes down?

The Goddess said...

@ Aly, Girl I keep track of everything. I know what goes IN it. But as far as the amounts....You know when people cook we don't measure nothing. Lol.