Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Well...I didn't make it but I have a good excuse

So my plan was to do soup for 30 days and I only made it 17 days.  ARGH!!!  So close.  I don't know if the 17th day actually counts since I technically didn't make the soup.  I heated and served it, but it came from a a box from whole foods.  They have this Vegan Tomato and Basil soup I love.  I'm sure had I made it I would have liked it much better.  Yesterday and today both were just horribly busy so I had to do the quickest thing possible and that was pull the box out of the pantry, heat and serve.  So I cooked it, I just didn't MAKE it.  Lol

I'm actually done with the soups...I ran out of vegan recipes and no one was offering suggestions.  Thank you blog world!!!!!  Although I'm sure I could find more recipes, I'm going to be going out of town so wont be doing ANY cooking and I think my family is soup-ed out.  Daughter is funny because everyday  she's been asking me "what's for dinner?"  Everyday the answer has been the same so I'm not sure why she continues to ask.  I know when we have something different tomorrow she'll probably pass out.  Lol

So anyway here's the ONE picture our last soup meal for awhile...although I am doing 3 soups for the family to have while I'm out of town to make cooking easier for all while I'm away....

Wishing everyone a great week and I'll see you all when I return, unless I'm inspired to blog before I leave or while I'm away.

Peace and Blessings!!!!

Tomato basil and veggie wraps on spelt tortilla


Jameil said...

I happy for you. 30 soups is way too many. I came in partway and was like WHY? WHY ON EARTH IS SHE EATING THAT MUCH SOUP???? LOL And I don't know much about veganism but I'm sure some of my vegetarian recipes could double.

Jameil said...

I found this Mark Bittman article all about veg soups in case you can stomach eating any more. Some are easily vegan, others I'm sure you know how to veganize.

The Goddess said...

@ Jameil....I was just inspired and thought I would give it a try; the soup for 30 days. I would keep doing it if I wasn't going out of town and had I not run out of recipes. Lol

Thanks for the info I'm going to definitely check it out. I was looking at your food blog and was like MAN!!!! All the noodle recipes look so delicious. Think it'd be hard to veganize some of those, but you KNOW I'm going to try. Lol