Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wow...has it really been that long....

I cant believe it's been just about a month since I've blogged.  Ok...I really can because it's not as if I haven't gone months without blogging before....but I had been doing so good.

So let's catch up shall we....

My oldest son had a birthday the end of February and my 2nd oldest just had a birthday last week.  They're 22 and 20.  I'm officially old people.  I don't know how and when this all happened but I need a fountain of youth quick fast and in a hurry.  I can NOT believe my children (who obviously aren't children anymore) are getting so old.  My daughters will be 14 later in the year and then the baby will be 6.  Time is flying.  I'm wondering how I'll feel when they're all grown.  Hmmm????

I went to Vegas the end of March to visit my Mommy for her birthday.  It was a pretty good time.  I really hate that I'm not in the position to see her more often but hopefully in time.  Let me just say that I was a little disappointed with the Vegas weather.  I don't think it got out of the low 70's until the day before I left.  I was so looking forward to some serious heat before I came home.  I was not a happy camper.  I actually really like Vegas and LOVE visiting but I don't know how people live there.  I don't think I could do it.  I can officially cross it off of my top places to move.  I didn't drive like I did last time and will never do that again. Flying definitely makes me wish I could travel more and realize how much I need a REAL vacation.

The school year for the kids is coming to an end.  Hooray!  While I love that I'm able to home school the little one....he wears me OUT!!!  He gets in his moods and I get in mine and it's just all out war.  Sometimes he gets to the point if he's not in the mood where he just doesn't even want to try.  I have to learn how to deal with that attitude because it's so counter productive when I allow it to frustrate me.  I've got to come up with more creative ways to deal with him when he gets like that.  I really didn't think we'd make it through the school year, but we've got a month and a few days and I'm officially on countdown.  Lol  I do have to say though, with our little fights we have baby is doing really well.  I love how well he's able to read and enjoy listening to him read his little stories by himself.  It's so flipping adorable!  His math is coming along and his comprehension is GREAT!  He is doing a great job and I'm proud of him.  I guess I should be kind of proud of myself too.  Smile!

My little girlie's Continuation Ceremony (from middle to high school) is the end of May and I'm looking forward to that.  She can frustrate me at times too, but I have to say that she really does a great job staying on top of everything and is really focused on doing well in school.  She's always been like that which is great, I just know how things take a turn for some kids in high school so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  I'm looking forward to seeing how this school year ends for her.

Health wise nothing has changed much....still issues with the back and still not really exercising like I should be.  I'm a little disappointed in myself because I've been on this junk food kick for the last few months.  I was doing so well not eating sugar or much snack food and something...I'm not sure what, happened.  So now it's time to get some discipline and really get in gear.  I refuse to gain the little weight back that I have lost already.  I'd probably really cry.

Ok...this is getting a little lengthy so I'm gonna wrap this up and wish you all a happy weekend since it's right around the corner.

Peace and Blessings All.


Ladynay said...

22 and 20? I keep forgetting you have grown kids! The others aren't far behind! I wish I could slow my daughter down and let her stay innocent as long as possible.

Back to the soup and salads! Let's get it!

Anonymous said...

Hey lady! Was getting ready to put an ABP out on you! *lol* Glad to hear that the family is well and that you had a good trip. Hubs and I went to Vegas for our anniversary and we loved it. We actually considered moving there but we haven't revisited the idea in a few years. Since it's getting warm, I'm sure you'll be making less soup, but it's definitely salad season. =)

Jameil said...

You're gonna feel OLD! LOL. Never been to Vegas but I wanna! I can't imagine having the patience to do home schooling. Do you see yourself doing that through high school?

The Goddess said...

@ Lady, I keep forgetting too. Lol. The little one is SO far behind it's not even funny. Sometimes I'm like they all need to hurry and grow up, but then other times it's like awww....I miss my babies being babies. That innocence is precious. Lol I'm so wishy washy.

@ MrsTdj, Nope, no apb necessary...I'm still here. I need to get back on the consistent blogging I know. And girl, please.... I still eat soup in the summer time. I'm always cold...what can I say.

I really did, and do enjoy Vegas....It just doesn't seem like a place for a family to me....even outside of the city. But that's just me. I'll continue to visit though.

@ Jameil, Hey hey hey!!! I cant help that I'm old. Lol

I have to admit, I don't have as much patience as I used to have...I would love to do it through high school, but only time (and my sanity) will tell. Lol. I'm just glad we're almost done with this first year. If the school like the one my daughter attends opens for K-12 like they expect we may send him there. It's an awesome school.