Friday, May 20, 2011

Wednesday's Dinner

Today's Friday I know.  I actually planned on posting this the other day but got a little side tracked.  That seems to happen a little to often, what can I say?

I love spinach.  It's probably one of my favorite vegetables and I'm certain I could find a way to add it to almost any meal and be happy.  I think I say that about most vegetables...  I'm a vegetable lover, sue me.  Lol

I was flipping through my soup book the other day and realized how many soups I skipped over when doing, or attempting rather, the 30 day soup challenge.  I failed miserably since I only made it half way.  I found a cream of spinach soup and since I love creamy soups and spinach I decided to give it a try.  It was pretty easy.  Spinach, vegetable broth, onions, soy milk, creamed coconut, salt and pepper and nutmeg.  I was a little skeptical about the nutmeg but decided I'd stick with the recipe.  You all know how tempted I am to change up a recipe...I'm a rebel.  Lol

I had planned on taking pictures of each step but there wasn't much required so I scratched that idea.  When I say this was simple I mean it.  All you had to do was sautee the onions, then spinach for 10 minutes, add the creamed coconut, vegetable broth seasoning, milk and then VOILA!  Sounds easy right.  So easy even my 5 year old could make this.  Ok....maybe I'm exaggerating a tad bit, but it really was something even the most unskilled cook could make and have it turn out perfectly.  I not then I strongly advise that person to STAY OUT THE KITCHEN!  Lol

With all that being always pictures:

Finished soup w/chives

Close up of soup

Soup with veggie wraps

Close up of veggies

I don't know why but for me wraps always seem to go so well with soup.  I added roasted zucchini and red peppers, onions, mushroom and tomato with a balsamic vinaigrette.  Delicious!  The soup was very tasty.  It didn't taste like spinach at all.  I cant really describe the flavor, but it was really good and the nutmeg was a great addition to give it that little zip.  We added cayenne to our individual bowls....we put cayenne on everything...don't ask.  Lol  

So there you have it....another tasty soup.  If anyone tries it, or has had it let me know your thoughts.

Happy Weekend.  Peace and Blessings!!! 


Anonymous said...

It sounds yummy, but hubs would not eat it because of the color. *lol* He's such a big kid! I have to hide most of the veggies that I cook. The only veggies that he willingly eats are onions, green peppers and lima beans. Yes, lima beans. Who make lima beans their vegetable of choice? MrTDJ that's who. **smh**

Jameil said...

Mmmmm. That looks yum-o! Rachael Ray puts nutmeg in everything creamy. I think sometimes I add too much and then I always think and Rashan says, "This tastes like Thanksgiving." LOL

The Goddess said...

@ MrsTdj. The soup was REALLY green. I didn't expect it to be so...florescent. Lol The color reminded me of this nasty green drink I had when fasting and almost made me think twice about eating it. Of course my greed conquered. Lol And Lima beans??? Hilarious. I don't think lima beans are high on anyone's favorite veggie list.

@ Jameil. It was really good and I was pretty surprised. I expected hubby to turn his nose up but he really enjoyed it. Nutmeg actually DOES make me think of the holidays also. Now I'm going to be adding nutmeg to everything I cook. Lol