Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's that time of year again.....

Getting ready.  So not a morning person. Lol

On his way for day 2

We have been awaiting the opening of another school like my little girlies school for K-5 and now that it's happened wouldn't you know it....we're not able to enroll our little guy as planned.  He did really well with home schooling last year and learned so much, but we really want him to be around other kids his age on a consistent basis.  Also since the curriculum at my daughter school is so awesome and it's such a high performing school we wanted my son to attend as well.

We live out of district so we had to put him on a waiting list which I found is pretty long.  I'm almost certain that it will be several months before we're even able to get him in.  We decided to enroll him in a school in the district that we live in because it would be easier for him to transition to a "school environment" if he did it at the start of the year as opposed to the middle or end of the year.  School started on Monday and we were SO NOT prepared to send our baby off to the wolves, but decided adjusting to school would be better if we did it this way.  He was SO excited about going so that was a definite plus.  He's still such a Mommy's baby and so used to being around me so I was really surprised and excited by his enthusiasm 

So let's go over the incidents we've had so far shall we....

We still allow little one to eat dairy, chicken and turkey because he's so picky as it is and we're happy when we can get him to eat anything at all.  However, will not allow him to eat beef or pork so we thought it best to pack his lunch to prevent him from getting something he SHOULDN'T have.

So...Day 1. he we go to pick him up and find that they were not able to find his lunch bag and he ate a school lunch.  UGH!!!  Lucky it was chicken or I would have been HEATED.  But I know it's the first week things are going to be hectic and everyone is trying to settle into a routine.  No biggie.  His lunch bag got located by the assistant principal, who happens to be new this year, and I actually really like him at this point.

Day 2. My baby says he had a great day, but ended up getting confused and going outside with 3rd graders after lunch instead of going back to his after noon class room.  A teacher and another student helped right away to get to his class so that was great but it made me a little nervous.  The teachers don't get the kids and take them back to class, they are excused from the lunch room, line up with the kids from there class and have to walk with their group back to class.  The lines aren't real distinct so he followed the wrong group.  That's taking him some getting used to.  I'm glad the school is fairly small so that puts me at ease a bit.  Then some little boy spits on him when they're walking with their teacher in the hall to math class.  He told the little boy to stop and he wouldn't...nasty little thing!!!!  He didn't tell the teacher because in his words "we aren't supposed to talk while we're in the halls and I didn't want to get in trouble."  Aww.... my little rule follower.

Day 3.  There's obviously something going on with kids at this age where they LOVE to spit because while they were in a computer class the little girl sitting next to him started spitting on him.  He went up to the teacher to tell her when the little girl wouldn't stop and she got mad at him for not raising his hand before getting up and he starts crying.  Of course I almost want to cry because the idea of my baby being sad at school breaks my heart.  So we had a long conversation last night about raising his hand and how to handle those situations.  UGH!!!  I don't know why little kids have to be so dang nasty and that spitting really IRKS me. the end of the day I'm waiting to pick him up.  I see the teacher coming out with the group of kids that are in his class that don't ride the bus, but don't see my baby.  I ask her and she says that she believes he went in the bus line.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!  So I run off to where the busses are and see another teacher holding his hand and talking to him.  She explains to me that she thinks he lost his line and she was getting ready to bring him to where the kids get picked up at because he told her he wasn't a bus rider.  The good thing is if they don't have a bus tag they aren't going to put them on the bus.   I don't know why I was worried they were going to just throw my baby on a bus.  Silly me.  Lol  We had a long conversation with him about where to go and to make sure he's following his teacher and class to wait for me to pick him up.

I was initially really put off by the whole lining up thing and them just following the kids without ALWAYS being guided by a teacher, but now that I've been up to the school all week...(YES, I said all week)  I'm more comfortable because I can actually see how easy it is for the kids to move through the hallway and get where there supposed to go.   I think it's just been a little difficult because it's such a new process for him, but today he had it down and did really well.  I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that he doesn't come home today telling me that he's had any issues.  I think if there's one more incident Hubby will be ready to pull him out and go back to homeschooling.  Lol

So... before yall start thinking I'm this overbearing parent that's going to be stalking the school....I was talking to his teacher when we went for the parent/teacher meeting on Friday.  We were talking about volunteering and how much help is needed the first few weeks of school she asked if I'd be willing to help when I told her my schedule was pretty open this week.  So there you have it. 

I've got more news with the other kids, but since this ended up being so lengthy we'll save that for another post.  I will say girlie goes back next week, son #2 goes back the end of August, and step girlie goes back in September.  Where the HECK did the summer go.  I'm not ready for fall.  Boo!!!!  Lol

Alright that's it for now....have a good week and I'll be back at you all later.

Peace and Blessing!!!

Home from school and having fun!  Love this guy!!!


Jameil said...

He's doing great! Just adjusting to a new system like you are! He's okay, mom! It's all going to be fine! :) Oh but these children spitting on him is not the move. How do they know to do that!?!? That must stop.

The Goddess said...

@ Jameil....Aww...Thanks. I keep forgetting you teach. :) He really is doing great and today was a great day thank goodness. I was just telling someone that me and Hubby worry about him more than we should sometimes. You'd think I'd be over this by now since I've been through it 3 other times before. I'm such a sissy. Lol

Yeah, that spitting thing drives me absolutely BANANAS. It's so disgusting. I'm hoping they get that under control in a hurry.

Ladynay said...

Spitting? Oh hell nah! Why are the kids spitting on each other? UGH!

Now Goddess, the little one will have bad days in school. If he is with other children eventually someone is going to pick with him or he may even get into a fight. I will need you not to pull him out if that stuff happens. Part of the school system actually teaches them how to figure out and deal with various social situations. Don't take that from him because as he gets older you won't be able to pull him from the situation every time. You got older kids, I know you know what's up!

Gotta love being a parent!

The Goddess said...

@ Lady Yeah, the spitting thing gets to me. That crap is just so dang nasty.

I'm not planning on pulling him out but hubby is losing patience already. I told him the same thing about him being in school and learning how to deal with certain situations, but you know our first instinct as parents is to always want to protect our kids. We went through it with all the other kids so I know we'll cope and he will also.

I think there's positive and negative of homeschooling and brick and mortar school. The main reason we put him IN school is so he gets that social piece.