Monday, August 15, 2011

School stuff.....

The thing I hate, despise, even detest  most about the kids going back to shopping!!!  I can handle everything else, but having to take teenagers shopping for clothes and shoes really works my nerves.  I cant even remember school shopping with my mom as a kid, with the exception of two separate occasions.  One where she bought me these shoes

The ugliest shoes EVER made

I was a huge tomboy growing up (my tomboy daughter is my payback) and never wore dresses, skirts or anything girlie unless I was forced to or when I went to church (which was forced also). I would literally throw tantrums and act a complete fool anytime I had to dress up. 

One day we were school shopping and my mom decided she was going to buy me these shoes.  I cried, beg and pleaded for her not to get them.  She told me I ONLY had to wear them one time to some event (I cant recall) and yall know she had me wearing those shoes every chance she got.  I was HOT!!!!  I remember hiding in the alley and changing my shoes on the way to school because I REFUSED to be caught dead in those ugly things.  UGH!!!!  Next time I talk to my mom I'm going to have to remind her of this story.  I wonder if she recalls how mad I was and how I would catch an attitude and not talk to her for days when she would try to make me wear those dreaded things.

I remember being like 13 and up and me and my sister shopping ourselves.  My mom would just give us the money or her credit card and we'd be on our merry way.  I guess my mom didn't want to put up with the mess that I NOW put up with my kids when going shopping.   They are so flipping picky it's ridiculous.  They'll have us out there all day going from store to store to store and find one or two things and then have nerve enough to catch attitude with us when we're like it's time to start wrapping it up so we can go home.  I'm so tempted next time to just give them a limit and let them go themselves but I could really see someone coming home with a $100 pair of jeans and me being P.O-ed.  I don't know what age they'll have to be before I feel comfortable enough to allow them to just go on their own.  

Speaking of kids... girlie is starting her 1st year of high school this year.  We were nervous when we went to registration (which is really just picking up her schedule, locker and bus info) because we were told this year high school students will not be able to ride school buses because they significantly cut the number of buses due to budget cuts.  Since 6th grade she's been taking the school bus because I wasn't trying to drive 50 miles a day...gas is just too expensive right now.  Since the bus was available that was just the best option.

 This year, the idea of putting her on the city bus didn't sit well with me.  Because of the length of time it would take her to get to school on the bus she'd have to leave the house every day about 5:30am to get to school on time and ride 3 separate buses.  Um...not gonna happen.  I was thinking I'd have to bite the bullet and just drive her, then found out that we could fill out an exception form.  I was told it was on a first come first serve basis and wasn't feeling to confident because school starts this week.   I found out on Friday that they are going to allow her to ride the school bus.  HOORAY!!!  Yall have NO idea how happy I was, I think I did a little happy dance after I hung up with the woman at transportation.  That literally made my day. 

Little guys first week ended pretty good and is off to a great start.  He was a "superstar" in both of his classes today and got an award for having doing such a good job.  I'm starting to feel a little more at ease with him being at school and wasn't on edge waiting for him to get home like last week.  Lol  I still miss my baby when he's at school, but most of that worry has subsided so that's a plus. that little one is in school and has an earlier bed time I'm finding myself getting tired and in bed earlier also.  Time for me to call it a night.  I hope everyone has a great week.  Back at ya soon.

Peace and Blessings!!!!


Jameil said...

I love shopping! My dad used to say you each get $100 and 'You won't get any more so spend it wisely.' He looked at me like I was nuts over my $5 pair of socks but said, "It's your money." Basically, if you end up with a $100 pair of jeans, you won't get anymore clothes until fall/winter so that's on you. My sister was the tomboy so I really hope if I get a tomboy, she is just athletic and doesn't eschew pretty things! Glad she got her exception! :) You certainly deserved it for 3 buses! That's insane!

Aly Cat 121 said...

I don't ever remember going school shopping with my mom. I DO remember going shopping with my sister and cousins.

Yeah i feel you on the school bus. I would be taking my daughter to school as well.

The Goddess said...

@ Jameil. Since you love it so much, I'm gonna need you to come take my kids school clothes shopping next year. Lol

I was kind of thinking the same thing...just giving her what we allotted them to spend and let them spend it however they choose. I guess that's how they learn to manage their money right? My daughter is really not into pretty things. T-shirts and jeans and that's it. She surprised me wanting a pair a skinny jeans. I was like "HOLD UP WHAT????" Lol.

I'm glad she got the exception also. The bus ride is too much so had she not I'd be fighting traffic and mad daily. Lol

@ Aly...I don't know why I don't remember. Maybe after the ugly shoes I blocked out all shopping experiences. Lol I hate the city bus. I cant even imagine putting her on the bus, even if it were just a short distance. Public transportation???? Boo!!! Lol

brotherAmun said...

All you need is some red tube socks to go with them Happy Days Shoes and you will be the ish! I love you baby!